6 Museums Everyone Should See

There’s something about art museums, the quiet rooms full of beauty, the cute cafes and peaceful gardens, that is endlessly comforting. I could spend days and days roaming through art galleries all over the world. There are, after all, art museums everywhere- sometimes dozens in one city. So unfortunately, you can’t see all of them. But there are some that you just can’t miss.

The Louvre: Paris, France

Everyone has heard of the Louvre, but not everyone knows that it used to be a medieval fortress and palace, hence its beautiful architecture. Set in a city of romance and art and beauty, the Louvre boasts 35 billion dollars worth of art. Its art includes the Venus de Milo and the Mona Lisa among other hugely famous works.

Smithsonian Institution: Washington, D.C.

Spread across downtown D.C., the Smithsonian includes nineteen different museums, each unique and amazing. There is an extraordinary amount of art and artifacts in the Smithsonian Institution, and its impossible to see it all. Visitors should plan their visit well and see what interests them most. The Smithsonian includes all sorts of American history- from the First Ladies’ dresses, to the Hope Diamond.

The British Museum: London, England

Yet another massive museum, the British Museum focuses on archaeology and holdsĀ all sorts of archaeological finds like prehistoric bones. Its Egyptian Gallery is world renowned and includes the Rosetta Stone.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art: New York, New York

Located in the heart of the Big Apple, the Met is a pinnacle of art surrounded by a fast paced, business focused city. It is the largest museum and most visited museum in the U.S and has a vast array of items from all time periods and all places. From Picasso to Rembrandt to Matisse to Van Gogh, the Met’s paintings are extraordinary.

The Vatican Museums: Vatican City, Italy

This museum is the oldest on the list, opening in 1506. One of its most breathtaking works is the famous Sistine Chapel. It holds lots of gorgeous religious paintings, and the buildings themselves are a must-see. Standing in the Vatican certainly feels like a religious experience with its high, gold plated ceilings and marvelous, painting-covered walls.

State Hermitage: St. Petersburg, Russia

The State Hermitage is the world’s second largest museum, spanning over 700,00 square feet. The colorful building is lovely and inviting, and the art inside is even more amazing. With works from Picasso, Da Vinci, and Rembrandt, the State Hermitage holds a rather impressive collection of world art.

Regardless of where you’re traveling to, there is always an art museum or two to pop into. But if you happen to be near any of the six cities mentioned above, be sure that you don’t miss their world famous art collections, holding tons of extraordinary masterpieces.