Dorm Room Design 101

Going off to college can be pretty overwhelming, but decorating your dorm doesn’t have to be. Dorm rooms are small and small spaces can be hard to decorate. But don’t worry! Dorm room decor can be a very fun project when you set your mind to it. One of the biggest challenges is simply how to fit everything into your dorm room.

Maximizing Space

There are lots of ways to make the most of the tiny space you have in college. One major way is raising your bed. If your dorm room bed has the option of turning into a loft bed, take advantage of it. By raising your bed off the ground, you free up loads of storage space on the floor underneath. Sometimes you can even fit a desk down there!

Another great way to make use of you room is to get multi functioning furniture- a pouf that doubles as a table, a vanity with tons of drawer space, you get the idea. Don’t waste your space on furniture that doesn’t have ample storage space because trust us, you’ll need it.

Choosing a Theme

A basic theme can really bring out the best in a drab college dorm room. Coordinate with your roommate to pick a theme that the two of you agree on. Anything works- pastels, gray tones, primary colors, bohemian vibes, you name it- just as long as you stick to one simple idea. If you and your roommate try to fit too many non matching items into your tiny room, it’ll get busy, confusing, and overcrowded very quickly.

Making It Your Own

Now comes the fun part of dorm decor- the decor. Once you’ve chosen basic furniture layouts and a basic theme, it’s time to get creative and start decorating. Think about your bedroom at home- what makes it yours? What makes it personalized? If you’re a nature lover, add a plant or two to your room; plants never fail to add life and happiness to any room. If you’re a late night reader, consider string lights or pretty lamp. Hang pictures of you and your family and friends from home above your bed, this way you can show your new college friends your life back home. Or hang posters of your favorite books, bands, or movies.

In a room as small as a college dorm room, there will usually be one thing that quickly catches people’s attention. This tends to be the bedspread. Pick a bedspread that matches your rommie’s, because it’ll be pretty obvious if you don’t. You should also pick a bedspread that shows off who you are, one with some personality, one that you love.

Overall, remember that your dorm is home for next year of your life. Make sure it feels that way to you. You’ll be spending quite a bit of time in it and you need to feel comfortable in it at all times. It may seem scary and foreign at first, but soon enough, your dorm will be your home away from home!