Tips for a Girl’s Nursery

You should make your baby girl’s new room as special and beautiful as she is, so I’ve compiled some tips and ideas to help you do just that!


One of the best ways to spruce up any room is with pops of color. If you can, choose a room with a window, as natural light always accentuates the colors you place in the room. Now I get it, not everyone wants a solid pink baby nursery. In fact, some of the most beautiful nurseries are simple, white walled rooms. But if you do want to go with colored walls, keep in mind that your daughter may outgrow them in a few years. Four colored walls can also be a bit overpowering to a room, so you may want to try a light pink or gray accent wall accompanied by three white or eggshell colored walls.

But walls are not the only way to add a splash of color to a room. You can also try a pretty pink shag rug, or colorful crib cushions. There are also various decals- from trees to flowers to monograms-  that you can easily apply to your nursery wall to make it unique.


There are a few basic furniture items that all nurseries should include. Obviously you’ll want a crib in your baby’s new room. A simple, white, wooden crib will match anything you choose to put in the room. You will also want a changing table for all those fun diaper changing adventures you’re about to embark on. Try a changing table with lots of drawer space and a pastel colored cushion. Depending on the size of the room you’r working with, you may want to add a nice big rocking armchair. You can get it covered in a fabric that matches the rest of the room, and it will be ideal for nursing and rocking your baby. A simple set of shelves is always a good addition to any room, especially a bed room. In general, nurseries tend to look lovely with relatively simple, often white furniture. That way, you can put your decorative skills to use with rugs, curtains, pillows, wall hangings, etc. without making your nursery too busy.


A theme is certainly not essential to your nursery, but it can be fun and unique if done well. There are all kinds of nursery themes to choose from. Some are pretty simple, like polka dots or flowers. With this kind of theme, try adding the design to one wall and matching it to the rug and pillows. Another successful theme idea is to choose a city, a common one would be Paris. Try black and white photos of the city and a little statue of the Eiffel Tower. Yet another idea is to choose an animal. Try elephants, teddy bears, etc.

No matter what you choose to do with your new nursery, remember not to overcrowd it, and to stick with one general aesthetic. And enjoy the decorating process! You’re sure to have a crazy few months in front of you, so don’t let your nursery add to the stress!