Best museums in the Palm Beach area

With how awesome Palm Beach weather is, spending too much time indoors can seem counter-productive, especially if it’s inside a museum – aren’t these things better-suited for places with bad weather?

Maybe they are, but that doesn’t mean Palm Beach lacks outstanding one-of-a-kind museums – in fact, their variety means one of them is bound to pique your attention even if you’re the most die-hard beach lover. Here’s a couple of them to consider.

South Florida Science Center & Aquarium: Who doesn’t love science? Palm Beach’s Science Center is a terrific structure regardless of whether you’re interested in biology, archeology or anything else that involves understanding more about our planet’s co-inhabitants. Despite being a biology museum, the Science Center doesn’t waste too much time focusing on a single type of exhibit – instead, you’re treated to everything from colorful (and sometimes frightening) reptiles to dinosaur skeletons and even mummies.

Historical Society Palm Beach County: If you really like Palm Beach and are curious about its past, this is a place you don’t want to miss. The museum is really an old courthouse that has kept its integrity superbly into present day – even in the absence of staff or exhibits, you’ll still feel as if you took a trip through time. When you’d like a bit of a history lesson, chat up one of the volunteers on the premises and they’ll clue you in on what Palm Beach was like back in the day.

Norton Museum of Art: Art isn’t for everyone: plenty of people would get just as much excitement from staring at a ceiling as they would from posturing over an art exhibit. If you’re part of those who can appreciate art, however, the Norton Museum will have you covered: with plenty of modern displays to marvel at and a sophisticated (not to say artsy) atmosphere to the place, you’re sure to have a good time and maybe even meet some interesting people.

Flagler Museum: This museum was originally a mansion owned by the patriarch of the Flagler family – going through one breathtaking room after another will certainly leave you wondering what living in such a nice crib must have felt like. The mansion itself isn’t particularly rich with exhibits, nor does it suffer from overbearing tour guides – while guides are available on the premises, the point of each visit is to give you an idea of what high-class living in the Palm Beach of old looked like instead of burdening you with trivia you might not be all that interested in.

Ann Norton Sculpture Gardens: This museum seems to fly a bit under the radar. It could be the location, or the unusual nature of the exhibits – whichever it is, the lack of recognition is unfounded as Ann Norton could be called Palm Beach’s most exciting art museum even if you have a thing for Norton’s contemporary displays. The beautiful and at-times strange sculptures are perfectly complemented by a lush garden that will have you feeling as if you left our hectic world and went to a much calmer place.